The OuiActive App Makes Learning Fun and Easy.

OuiActive offers an educational app with the official French, Arabic and English curriculum for grades 6 to 12, games, videos and scientific simulations that facilitate and optimize the learning process.

Our innovative concept is based on 4 key principles:


Mobile learning has a unique advantage: it can be consulted anywhere and at any time. This makes smartphones the ideal companion for learning. It offers more flexibility while using the devices on which young people spend the most time. OuiActive is therefore in line with ATAWADAC, an acronym based on the expression ``anytime, anywhere, any device, any content``.

The oblivion curve

Mobile learning also allows to test the student's knowledge. Thus fighting against the ``oblivion curve``. If a student does not review the lessons at a given moment, after a week, he or she will have only 20% of it remaining! To avoid this loss of memory, strategies must be implemented.
Mobile phones, which are always at hand, are therefore an ideal candidate for providing students with revision sessions and stimulating their learning.


The means of reactivating and transmitting the information must be relevant. For this reason, we favors short formats: three to four minutes at the most. This is what we call microlearning: regular learning in short stages. This method not only facilitates the understanding and assimilation of the lessons, but also ensures that the knowledge will remain accessible in the students' memory.


OuiActive makes it possible to integrate a social, interactive and playful dimension to learning. For example, through discussion forums and challenges between students. The goal is to assimilate the educational content in an entertaining way. We allows you to learn by playing with your friends.
OuiActive is what we call ``blended learning``. Blended learning mixes media and formats to adapt training and learning to new uses and to the needs of students.


OuiActive offers the broadest and most qualitative offer in the sector.




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